How A Dentist Does A Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants have become a very popular tooth replacement for missing teeth. Many people have gone for these implants due to their incredible performance when it comes to durability and strength concerns.

When going for these implants, there are a few things that one will have to consider in order to make sure that one gets the right replacement. This is because the long life that these implants can have is partly dependent on how they are implanted.

In order to be sure that they will last, then one will need to seek for a dentist in Delray Beach who is well qualified to offer these services. This way, one will be sure that the implants will last a lifetime.

Also, in order for the implant to last a long life, one will need to take good care including brushing them normally just like the other normal teeth.

Placing of the implants in place.

Most of the surgeries that involve dentals are normally performed in clinics where there is a good hospital setting. There is an anesthesia used in order to numb the mouth and make sure that patient doesn’t feel any pain.

Sometimes there are other methods such as nitrous oxide that may be used for the same purpose. There are procedures such as bone augmentation which may be done at the same time with the placement.

This may however be dependent on the preference of the patient as well as the clinical situation at hand.

Why surgical procedure is a three step?

The most popular method of installing the dental implant in place is the staged surgery procedure. In this technique, there is the first stage which is basically where the implant will be buried underneath the gum.

This one replaces the root of the tooth. This procedure is very crucial since it is the one that will protect the implant from the force it receives when it is in the process of healing.

The second stage

This is the time when the dentist performing the surgery will have a check on the implant. This is to ensure that there will be a successful integration of the teeth to the gum and also the jawbone as well.

The abutment is also connected which is the one that will penetrate through the gum right into the mouth. When the abutment has been fixed, then the gum is given time to heal and a collar is formed from which the final restorative stage of placing the teeth is performed.

One stage surgery

The gum is usually given time to heal after a one piece implant has been installed. This piece usually has a collar made of metal and it is put in such a way that it protrudes through the gum. This will allow for the fabrication of a crown to be fixed on the tooth which is missing.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry simply refers to processes done by dentists in order to fix and bring back damaged teeth. It involves getting better ones teeth appearance, mouth and smile.

It is different from the conventional dentistry which mainly focused on oral cleanliness, deterrence, detection and treatment of oral diseases.

smiling-teeth-cosmetic-dentistryIt is recuperative in nature and solves dental disorder whereas cosmetic dentistry provides optional and required treatment or services as per the patients requirements.

It also provides curative help through filling of the dentals which is a well known procedure of treating decayed teeth. In the past, this was mainly filled using gold and mix of other materials that left the teeth with visible murky spots.

Currently, one can choose fillings which consists of ceramic or a composite substance that is similar to the colour of his or her teeth which in turn creates a natural look of teeth and smile.

Others may however prefer to have the earlier fillings substituted with newer, tooth-colored filling to enhance their oral look. All these fall under cosmetic dentistry.

Development of Cosmetic Dentistry

Advancement in technology through introduction of colored tooth dental materials have made the present day cosmetic dental treatments more long lasting and knowable than in the previous years.

Moreover, dentists are now using traditional procedures of cosmetic dentistry to conserve a natural tooth structure as achievable depending on one’s assessment situation.

Cosmetic Fort Worth TX dentist also employ technologies that are easy to perform like lasers which can simply be done in their offices eliminating the need to refer you elsewhere to see an expert.

The technologies make the procedures like smile makeover handy and cozy for patients as well as shortening the period of recovery.


Dentists’ use range of procedure in order to clean discolored teeth, restore short and worn out teeth, redesign, close up gaps or change the length. The main treatment procedures used are as listed below;

  • Teeth Bleaching/Whitening: This involves staining teeth from smoking, drinking (coffee, wines). Bleaching is done using special agents which bring back teeth whiteness. It enhances the appearance of one’s smile.
  • Bonding: This is a procedure employed to correct broken, chipped, discolored or decayed teeth using a process referred as composite bonding. A compound similar in appearance to an enamel and dentin is applied onto the tooth surface or onto the hollow space then carved into shape, contoured and toughened with a highly concentrated light. This leads into reinstatement that mixes well with the adjacent tooth formation without being noticed to create brilliant, hale and hearty smile.
  • Dental veneers: A compound which is sticky or ceramic that laminates is attached onto the tooth surface to correct and repair chips and cracks to improve worn out look or serious discolorations. Also suggested if one does has gaps in the teeth and those who have not had success with teeth whitening. It is however very costly and one needs to inquire before undertaking it.
  • Inlays and On lay: They are made in dental laboratory before they are fitted and adhesively bonded into place by the dentist during visits.
  • Dental implants Fort Worth: These are artificial teeth root substitution for teeth loss.
  • Smile makeovers which entail evaluation of your smile to enhance its overall look.
  • Full mouth reconstruction: Procedures carried out to restore functional disorders to correct defects with your bite, muscles, teeth and bone formation.

Cosmetic dentistry has brought a smile to many peoples who were earlier unhappy with their smile. It has offered a variety of options on all-inclusive cosmetic procedures to smarten the smile.

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist

When one realizes that his/her teeth are discolored, he/she will not afford a smile.   White as well as bright teeth put lots of emphasis on beauty as well as healthy living.

Many people will do lots of things out there just to achieve white and bright teeth. Well, it is not an easy task. It requires a lot. One has to see a dentist first for checkups and best advice possible.

It is also important to avoid things that will lead to teeth discoloration such as cola, smoking, some wines and coffee among others. If one has to take these drinks, it is advisable that they consider using a straw to sip the drink directly into their throat.

Be happy that in the recent past, dentists have come up with lots of teeth whitening solutions that are quite convenient.

Do not just go for teeth whitening because a friend is going for it. It is only meant for individuals with yellow, brown, orange as well as grey teeth among others. It is worth mentioning that grey stains that are as a result of hereditary might not respond to teeth whitening.

There are also situations that may not just give one a chance for dentist teeth whitening such as sensitive teeth, worn enamel as well as periodontal disease among others.

Teeth whitening system has carbamide as well as hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. The teeth lighten when the peroxide come into contact with the surface of them.

The whitening process will be effective depending on how it is applied and for how long. It is worth mentioning that one of the best teeth whitening is opting for custom-made ingredients that are prepared by your dentists.

Although it is discouraged, many people out there still opt for over the counter teeth whitening solutions such as whitening gels, whitening strips, tray based whiteners among others.

After opting for dentist teeth whitening, it is advisable that one avoids a lot of chewing hence go for soft foods. For instance, consider soups, gelatins, mashed potatoes, yogurt and puddings are the best for this case.

Moreover, these soft foods will only be eaten after a short while before embarking into a normal diet. But, when one is back to normal diet, the food should be chewed slowly to avoid interfering with the gum.

In conclusion, dentist teeth whitening is the best way to regain your smile back. As the saying goes, ‘if you cannot smile, give them one of yours’. Smiling enhances ones beauty and health.

The only way to achieve a healthier and a comfortable smile is through having bright and strong teeth. Do not hesitate, seek help from your dentist and achieve the best teeth ever.