Do I Need Dentures?

Thanks to medical technology, there have been many advancements in the field of dentistry. If you have tooth problems then there is a great chance that there is something out there that will work for you.

One technology that has been effective for years and continues to be effective is dentures. In fact, dentures have been around for over 200 years. George Washing, the first president of the United States, is the earliest and most well-known case of dentures. He received the possible first pair of dentures that were made out of the rhino horn. Thankfully, this technology has improved considerably.

Now, there are tens of millions of people around the world that enjoy the benefits of dentures. Also, most people who need them are unaware of the fact that they need them. To determine whether or not you need dentures, read about the following signs that point towards dentures.

Signs You Need Dentures

  • Two Or More Missing Teeth
  • Diseases That Result In Tooth Decay
  • Frequent And Severe Tooth Pain
  • Bleeding And Swollen Games
  • Difficulty Consuming Hard Foods

Two Or More Missing Teeth

If you have two or more missing teeth then you are undoubtedly experiencing problems while eating. You cannot have full function while eating if you are missing this many teeth. For problems like this, dentures are by far the best remedy. If you have other teeth that are in bad shape, your dentist will pull those teeth as well before fitting you for dentures.

Diseases That Result In Tooth Decay

There are a lot of diseases that result in tooth decay. There are also other conditions that result in tooth decay. If you are someone who has to take tetracycline antibiotics then there is a good chance that you will need dentures eventually. Other diseases can produce a need for them as well such as chronic gingivitis.

Frequent And Severe Tooth Pain

Frequent and severe tooth pain can be caused by a variety of different things. The most common reason though is because of tooth decay. Teeth that are about shot end up decaying down to the nerve. This can result in severe and often toothaches. If you notice that you are having severe toothaches and severe tooth pain, it is probably time to consult your dentist in Riverside about getting dentures.

Bleeding And Swollen Gums

Bleeding and swollen gums are a sign of poor oral health. When there is poor oral health there is usually a high degree of tooth decay. It is also a sign of gums that are deteriorating. If you see a reduction in your gum line then you probably need dentures.

Difficulty Consuming Hard Foods

If you are having a hard time consuming hard foods, then you unquestionably need dentures. Dentures can help you enjoy your favorite hard candies again and anything else that has a hard texture. Dentures can also help you keep the healthy teeth that you still have by limiting abrasion.

Significance Of Fluoride In Dentistry

What is fluoride ?

In simple and clear terms fluoride is a natural mineral that is found in  drinking water and some foods. It however varies in water depending on the place. The mineral strengthens bones and joints . It is also used to make a variety of tooth paste brands.

Importance of fluoride

Through research it had been proven that fluoride does help in a big way to offer support to enamel and helps in preventing tooth decay. This is because happy dentistthe enamel is made more resistant. It also had been shown to considerably reduce the amount of acid the bacteria produces. Shallower grooves have also been associated with high fluoride intake, these glooves make it easier to remove plaque that may have attached itself to the tooth. This has proven to be of benefit to all regardless of the age, in young children it promotes strong and healthy bones and teeth while among old people it prevents loss of teeth.

Long term research has clearly shown that, community water fluoridation  is both safe and effective for drinking water. This is because it is both regulated and gives you the required benefits of fluoride without endangering the health of people.

How fluoridation saves funds

Fluoridation has proven to save a lot of money; this goes down to medical fee and expenses incurred as a result of constantly getting treatment of infections that would have been avoided through taking fluoride water.

One major advantage of fluoride is the fact that its is completely natural. It occurs in both ocean water , fresh water bodies and even some foods and beverages. Its advantages are immense but the need to limit it is important since excessive exposure to fluoride can lead to tooth decay.

Challenges associated with fluoridation

Despite fluoridation being associated with health benefits, it has also proven to pose various challenges. During the process of fluoridation of drinking water,  everyone is assumed to take an equal dosage; this should not be the case more so with infants and elderly people. And it has been noted that even exposure to the fluoride in toothpaste also poses major health issues.  Infants should only be exposed to tooth paste if there is guarantee that they can spit it. If not so, it can lead to fluoride poisoning; the side effects may be mild and in some cases so severe that it leads to death.

Fluoride has also been known to cause cosmetic complications, such include fluorosis. This is the staining of teeth that results from over exposure to fluoride. Though it does not lead to any major physical pain or discomfort, it has been known to lead to self esteem issues since it may attract attention and not for the right reasons.


In final analysis, fluoride has proven to have its advantages; but also notwithstanding, it does have disadvantages especially when taken in large quantities.

How A Dentist Does A Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants have become a very popular tooth replacement for missing teeth. Many people have gone for these implants due to their incredible performance when it comes to durability and strength concerns.

When going for these implants, there are a few things that one will have to consider in order to make sure that one gets the right replacement. This is because the long life that these implants can have is partly dependent on how they are implanted.

In order to be sure that they will last, then one will need to seek for a dentist in Delray Beach who is well qualified to offer these services. This way, one will be sure that the implants will last a lifetime.

Also, in order for the implant to last a long life, one will need to take good care including brushing them normally just like the other normal teeth.

Placing of the implants in place.

Most of the surgeries that involve dentals are normally performed in clinics where there is a good hospital setting. There is an anesthesia used in order to numb the mouth and make sure that patient doesn’t feel any pain.

Sometimes there are other methods such as nitrous oxide that may be used for the same purpose. There are procedures such as bone augmentation which may be done at the same time with the placement.

This may however be dependent on the preference of the patient as well as the clinical situation at hand.

Why surgical procedure is a three step?

The most popular method of installing the dental implant in place is the staged surgery procedure. In this technique, there is the first stage which is basically where the implant will be buried underneath the gum.

This one replaces the root of the tooth. This procedure is very crucial since it is the one that will protect the implant from the force it receives when it is in the process of healing.

The second stage

This is the time when the dentist performing the surgery will have a check on the implant. This is to ensure that there will be a successful integration of the teeth to the gum and also the jawbone as well.

The abutment is also connected which is the one that will penetrate through the gum right into the mouth. When the abutment has been fixed, then the gum is given time to heal and a collar is formed from which the final restorative stage of placing the teeth is performed.

One stage surgery

The gum is usually given time to heal after a one piece implant has been installed. This piece usually has a collar made of metal and it is put in such a way that it protrudes through the gum. This will allow for the fabrication of a crown to be fixed on the tooth which is missing.

What Makes A Perfect Dentist?

There are various requirements that dentists ought to have to remain relevant in the dentistry profession. Just like a profession in any other field, there are some minimum requirements that he or she ought to have.

good-dentistCertification by a legitimate board of Dentistry is vital. Before certification, he should have sat and passed oral and written examinations, possess the required professional ethics relating to dentistry and done a dental operation in a recognized dental institution.

There are however, some important tips that makes dentists different from one another. Having the right skills and knowledge to carry out dental procedures is very fundamental. There also some additional qualities that make one a perfect dentist in Rocklin CA.


People with teeth defects are often scared of visiting the dentists. This is because of bad smell that can originate from tooth decay. This in turn lowers their self-esteem and thus confidence in communicating. A dentist should have the courage and confidence of approaching the victim in a reasonable manner.

The dentist should be able to accommodate the needs of the patient as well as offer solution to these needs. The main objective of the patient visiting the dentist is to get medical attention that is satisfying. To achieve this, the dentist also should give confidence to the patient by helping them go through the procedures willingly.

Knowledge and skills.

Professional dentists are competent personnel who deal with the human teeth. Having the right skills and expertise of the dental procedures is very important. For instance, dealing with the mouth interior requires great care knowing the many functions the mouth has.

Lack of proper dental procedure during the treatment can lead to additional of more defects to the mouth instead of offering solution to these problems. A dentist should be able to explain the exact problems one is facing.

This should be followed by convincing the patient on the right dental procedure and the medication to follow. He should offer advice to prevent future similar complications.

Helping heart.

It is an obligation to all dentists to offer dental services in a professional way that is actually above the required standards. Having a helping heart is essential since it enables the dentist to have the desire to work for the service of humanity rather than for money.

Many dental centers are being established for the run of money which makes them offer cheap services to get more clients hence more profits. Helping people prevent oral defects is thus essential.

Having a textbook approach.

Dental procedures, though practical, are outlined in books. A great dentist should be able and have the will to follow the procedures as they are outlined.

Experienced doctors should also consider this approach since advanced dental procedures are also outlined various books with revised editions. This makes the dentist perfect since he or she appreciate the effort of other dentistry profession.

Recent Advances In Dental Technology

Use of high-technology X-rays to improve on dental health.

Digital X-rays are replacing traditional radiographs in most dental offices. They have of late become very popular with dentists compared in the past decades. These x- rays are faster and more efficient than the ancient radiographs.

They have an electronic sensor that is used to capture image of the patient’s mouth. This digital image is then scanned and viewed by use of computer.

These images can be stored to act as future reference where comparison of these images helps determine your dental health.

There is reduction in radiation since the electronic sensor is more sensitive to the X-rays as compared to the film. Digital X-rays are used in the following:

  • Checking whether a canal has been thoroughly cleaned after a root canal procedure.
  • It is used by dentist during the process of inserting an implant.

Use of lasers to detect tooth cavity.

dental-officeAn instrument called explorer was used in the earlier times to locate tooth cavities. It was commonly used during checkup where the instrument was poked around the mouth several times.

In case the explorer stuck to a certain tooth, the Spring TX dentist would look closer to check if they are some decay. A diode laser that was recently invented is being adopted in various dental centers. It is a higher technology gadget used in detecting and removal of teeth cavities.

It is even used in determining whether there is any decay in the tooth. This enables the dentist to compare the levels of infection in the tooth and offer advice whether the tooth should be removed or filled.

Healthy teeth do not glow when exposed to the diode laser wavelength hence low reading on the digital display. However, decayed teeth fluoresce. This depends on the amount of decay that results to higher values on the digital display.

Diode lasers generally are used in detecting decay that may be present in grooves on the chewing surface.

Use of better filling and bonding materials.

There have been improvements to techniques involving bonding. The bonding material commonly used present is the resin. This substance is shinier and durable compared to those substances used in the past.

It is placed on the tooth in layers to bond and repair the teeth. Moreover, filling materials used in restoring the tooth have been improved. Porcelain fillings are more commonly used than the amalgams since they look more natural.

Improved dental implants.

Dental implants have become more common today than in recent years. This is because the dentists have been able to address the issues that had not been sorted out before such as complications resulting from the use of implants.

Implants are made from titanium and are used to replace lost teeth. They are durable and can last up to fifteen years hence they are a success.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry simply refers to processes done by dentists in order to fix and bring back damaged teeth. It involves getting better ones teeth appearance, mouth and smile.

It is different from the conventional dentistry which mainly focused on oral cleanliness, deterrence, detection and treatment of oral diseases.

smiling-teeth-cosmetic-dentistryIt is recuperative in nature and solves dental disorder whereas cosmetic dentistry provides optional and required treatment or services as per the patients requirements.

It also provides curative help through filling of the dentals which is a well known procedure of treating decayed teeth. In the past, this was mainly filled using gold and mix of other materials that left the teeth with visible murky spots.

Currently, one can choose fillings which consists of ceramic or a composite substance that is similar to the colour of his or her teeth which in turn creates a natural look of teeth and smile.

Others may however prefer to have the earlier fillings substituted with newer, tooth-colored filling to enhance their oral look. All these fall under cosmetic dentistry.

Development of Cosmetic Dentistry

Advancement in technology through introduction of colored tooth dental materials have made the present day cosmetic dental treatments more long lasting and knowable than in the previous years.

Moreover, dentists are now using traditional procedures of cosmetic dentistry to conserve a natural tooth structure as achievable depending on one’s assessment situation.

Cosmetic Fort Worth TX dentist also employ technologies that are easy to perform like lasers which can simply be done in their offices eliminating the need to refer you elsewhere to see an expert.

The technologies make the procedures like smile makeover handy and cozy for patients as well as shortening the period of recovery.


Dentists’ use range of procedure in order to clean discolored teeth, restore short and worn out teeth, redesign, close up gaps or change the length. The main treatment procedures used are as listed below;

  • Teeth Bleaching/Whitening: This involves staining teeth from smoking, drinking (coffee, wines). Bleaching is done using special agents which bring back teeth whiteness. It enhances the appearance of one’s smile.
  • Bonding: This is a procedure employed to correct broken, chipped, discolored or decayed teeth using a process referred as composite bonding. A compound similar in appearance to an enamel and dentin is applied onto the tooth surface or onto the hollow space then carved into shape, contoured and toughened with a highly concentrated light. This leads into reinstatement that mixes well with the adjacent tooth formation without being noticed to create brilliant, hale and hearty smile.
  • Dental veneers: A compound which is sticky or ceramic that laminates is attached onto the tooth surface to correct and repair chips and cracks to improve worn out look or serious discolorations. Also suggested if one does has gaps in the teeth and those who have not had success with teeth whitening. It is however very costly and one needs to inquire before undertaking it.
  • Inlays and On lay: They are made in dental laboratory before they are fitted and adhesively bonded into place by the dentist during visits.
  • Dental implants Fort Worth: These are artificial teeth root substitution for teeth loss.
  • Smile makeovers which entail evaluation of your smile to enhance its overall look.
  • Full mouth reconstruction: Procedures carried out to restore functional disorders to correct defects with your bite, muscles, teeth and bone formation.

Cosmetic dentistry has brought a smile to many peoples who were earlier unhappy with their smile. It has offered a variety of options on all-inclusive cosmetic procedures to smarten the smile.

How To Pick A Good Dentist

It is very important for people to understand that dentists are different; what is excellent for you may not be nice for someone else. Thus, when you are selecting the best doctor for the procedure, it is essential for you to bear in mind that your gum and teeth complete your smile.

picking-a-dentistIt is common knowledge that a person’s overall character is largely affected by the smile. Therefore, you need to be very careful when picking a dentist in Olympia WA. Below are some guidelines you can use.

  • Experience.

The first thing you ought to do before going for any dental treatment is to be sure your dentist has credentials and know-how. Check up all the information and records of past patients and confirm on client satisfaction. A doctor who has been around for several years is suitable to handle most of the dental procedures with ease since they have dealt with them. Check, whether they are certified by the relevant authorities, especially the registered professional body.

  • Cost.

In some cases, the procedure you may want to undertake could be quite expensive and you cannot afford the same. However, you should not compromise on your dental well being. Therefore, you ought to search for someone to perform the procedure effectively and affordably. If you have an insurance cover, confirm with them if they can accept your payment plan. Remember, not all of them will go for your mode of payment.

  • The appointment schedule.

Dentists are busy people and if you’re going to be checked by some of the popular ones, you may be placed in a long waiting list, which may make your condition to deteriorate. Therefore, find a dentist that will be in a position to attend to you in timely manner. This is vital to make sure your dental health is okay.

  • Modern technology.

Nowadays, there are new and better equipments, which have been created in order to make teeth removal easier and pain free. Thus, you need to check out, whether your preferred dentist has them. Ask for photos from other patients to check there before and after pictures to understand what your final outlook shall be.

  • Be familiar with your needs.

This is very essential too since there are some dentists who do not work during the week and others on the weekends. Therefore, it is important for you to book an appointment with someone who will meet you at the arranged time.

  • Select a specialist.

In the field of dentistry, there are numerous kinds of experts such as endodontist, periodontist and the general category; hence you need to choose the one that will treat your condition.

  • Do your homework.

This is very important if your dental health is going to be take care of in a proper way. Do a lot of research on the several dentists you will come across so that you pick the right person to attend to your needs.

If you choose to use the Internet, make sure the website is easy to go through in getting the vital details about their location, services offered, terms and conditions, and also their mode of payments.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that corrects improperly positioned teeth. It also involves correcting various aspects of facial and jaw deformations. The person who specializes in this field is known as an orthodontist.

It further includes cosmetic dentistry concerned with correcting or improving one’s personal appearance.

teeth-orthodonticsTeeth that do not close tightly together pose the risk of not being able to keep clean with greater risk of being lost through tooth decay and periodontal disease.

It may also cause a strain on chewing muscles leading to headaches and other strains. These deformed teeth can altogether change one’s physical look.

When to know you need the services of an orthodontist

You cannot really tell whether you need orthodontist services as this mainly determined by the orthodontist or dentist themselves after performing a series diagnosis including x-rays, dental health medical history and plaster models to ascertain whether orthodontics services are suggested. From there they can come up with treatment plan right for you.

However, the following may indicate whether one requires the services of an orthodontist.

  • Overbite where upper front teeth lie outside the lower teeth creating an overlap.
  • Under bite-where the lower teeth sticks out or protrudes outwards than the upper teeth.
  • Open bite-space is left between biting surface when the rear teeth bite together
  • When you have a cross bite
  • When you have misplaced midline where the middle of upper and lower teeth does not line up.
  • Gaps and spacing between the teeth due to missing teeth or teeth that don’t fill up the mouth.
  • When there are more teeth than the dental ridge can hold.

Tools used by an orthodontist

An orthodontist employs variety of devices to correct these defects; the tools used are both fixed and removable and include:

  • Fixed space maintainer- A space where a tooth was lost earlier is maintained until a new tooth comes out. It’s done by attaching a band on the tooth next to the space left empty and extending it to the tooth on the adjacent side of the space.
  • By using braces composed of band, brackets and wires. This moves teeth to their correct position by adjusting monthly.
  • By the use of aligners which work in the same way as braces only that they don’t have brackets and metallic wires.

Other tools used include jaw repositioning appliances, removable space maintainers, lip and cheek bumpers, palatial expanders, headgear, removable retainers

All these devices serve to narrow the gap between teeth, arrange in a line tip of the teeth, straightening curved teeth, correcting an improper bite and to counter long term damaged and strained teeth.

Commencement of orthodontic treatment

It usually starts when the child is about 12 or 13 years old; this is when the adult teeth have developed. There are instances when treatment may commence later if the complication had not been noticed earlier. However, children with cleft lip palate may start treatment long before their adult teeth develop fully.

Good oral hygiene is usually encouraged before the commencement of orthodontic works. Patients who don’t practice good oral hygiene standards are likely to suffer from tooth decay even after being put on treatment.

They should therefore brush regularly to prevent decay as some food particles may stick on the devices used.

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist

When one realizes that his/her teeth are discolored, he/she will not afford a smile.   White as well as bright teeth put lots of emphasis on beauty as well as healthy living.

Many people will do lots of things out there just to achieve white and bright teeth. Well, it is not an easy task. It requires a lot. One has to see a dentist first for checkups and best advice possible.

It is also important to avoid things that will lead to teeth discoloration such as cola, smoking, some wines and coffee among others. If one has to take these drinks, it is advisable that they consider using a straw to sip the drink directly into their throat.

Be happy that in the recent past, dentists have come up with lots of teeth whitening solutions that are quite convenient.

Do not just go for teeth whitening because a friend is going for it. It is only meant for individuals with yellow, brown, orange as well as grey teeth among others. It is worth mentioning that grey stains that are as a result of hereditary might not respond to teeth whitening.

There are also situations that may not just give one a chance for dentist teeth whitening such as sensitive teeth, worn enamel as well as periodontal disease among others.

Teeth whitening system has carbamide as well as hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. The teeth lighten when the peroxide come into contact with the surface of them.

The whitening process will be effective depending on how it is applied and for how long. It is worth mentioning that one of the best teeth whitening is opting for custom-made ingredients that are prepared by your dentists.

Although it is discouraged, many people out there still opt for over the counter teeth whitening solutions such as whitening gels, whitening strips, tray based whiteners among others.

After opting for dentist teeth whitening, it is advisable that one avoids a lot of chewing hence go for soft foods. For instance, consider soups, gelatins, mashed potatoes, yogurt and puddings are the best for this case.

Moreover, these soft foods will only be eaten after a short while before embarking into a normal diet. But, when one is back to normal diet, the food should be chewed slowly to avoid interfering with the gum.

In conclusion, dentist teeth whitening is the best way to regain your smile back. As the saying goes, ‘if you cannot smile, give them one of yours’. Smiling enhances ones beauty and health.

The only way to achieve a healthier and a comfortable smile is through having bright and strong teeth. Do not hesitate, seek help from your dentist and achieve the best teeth ever.

What Is Dentistry?

It is defined as the branch of medicine concerned with the study, analysis, prevention and treatment of infection, injuries and defects of the oral cavity, oral mucosa and adjoining and connected structures and tissues mainly in the jaws and face area.

The field of dentistry is mainly misunderstood by the majority of people to be linked to teeth but also involves study of constitution, growth and tooth abnormalities.

In the recent a lot of weight has been put in understanding and upholding good oral health. This is because one’s life quality is to a greater extent influenced by their oral health as witnessed by deprived and special care patients.

An excellent oral care and access to it is absolutely related to higher quality of life. Dentistry is therefore important for everyone’s general health.

History of Dentistry

It dates back to the account of human race and evolution with some evidence dating back to 700BC. Some of the ancient dental surgical procedure witnessed in ancient Egypt where a mandible dated back to nearly 2650 BCE shows two perforations just beneath first molars root showing a draining of a painful tooth.

Other evidences trace to the early Harappa periods of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is believed to be the first specialty of medicine.

Dental Treatment

The treatment is mainly done to avert or treat two main oral diseases mainly dental carries and gum diseases also known as pyorrhoea.

The treatment usually involves reinstatement of teeth, taking away or removal through surgery of the affected teeth. It also involves to scaling and root plan and endodontic root canal cure.

Studying for Dentistry

One requires studying dentistry for the least period of three years in the undergraduate program and completes a bachelor’s degree. This is then followed by four year in a dental school so as to qualify as dental surgery doctor.

This requirement however varies from one country to the other. They are also required to undertake additional qualifications or studies so as to carry out more advanced treatments such as dental inserts, sedation and oral surgery.

By the nature of dentist’s profession, they can out dental management such as fillings, treating of the root canal and extraction of the affected teeth. Moreover, they also prescribe medications such as antibiotic and other drugs to control patient’s condition.

The main emphasis however is to encourage proper teeth hygiene through regular checkups, at least twice yearly for specialized cleaning and assessment to prevent oral diseases.

Licensing and Practicing as a Dentist

For one to practice as a dentist, he/she has to qualify and be registered by the dentistry board. Anyone who practices before acquiring such a license is liable for prosecution for illegal practice.

Profession Within Dentistry

There are quite a number of specialists within dentistry. These include;

  • Endodontic – Study of dental pulp diseases
  • Dental public health – Study of health policies pertinent to oral health
  • Period ontology – Study and control of non-surgical and surgical as well as placement and maintenance of dental implants.
  • Pediatric dentistry – Study of children dentistry.
  • Prosthodontics – Reinstatement of implants.
  • Orthodontics – The study of straightening of teeth
  • Oral medicine

This is however not limited to the above list only. It is also worth noting that dentistry has evolved over the years from the ancient days of scholars like Hippocrates and Aristotle to the modern day dentistry profession, which involves a lot of study and experience for one to qualify.